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I’m getting married in the morning !

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Le dossier de mariage

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First and foremost, you should be aware that marriage is a contract between two people. Those who wish to get married must meet certain conditions.


the future spouses must :
- be at least 18 years of age or legally emancipated
- not be related by consanguinity such as direct ascendants or descendants or brother and sister.
- not be already married in France or any other country.
If you wish to find out more, you can find the City Council’s ‘Marriage’ guide in the right-hand column.

Wedding venue

The wedding takes place in the commune where one of the future spouses has had his/her permanent address or has been residing for one month on the date of the publication of the banns.

Required documentation :

Those wishing to get married should submit a dossier. As each case is different, it is vital that you contact the Register Office’s “pôle Mariage” (Marriage centre) to pick up a marriage request file and to see which documents will be necessary in your particular circumstances.
You can use the citizens’ portal to make an appointment to submit your file.


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Publication of the banns

The banns are published, for a period of 10 days, at the town hall in the couple’s home town. They will be posted under the arch at City Hall before being taken to the town hall courtyard.
The banns are published to ensure that the proposed marriage is publicised by being displayed at the town hall. They provides information, announce and give details of the marriage They include information relating to the couple:
The surnames, forenames, professions, permanent addresses and places of residence of the future spouses, as well as the venue where the wedding is to take place.
The wedding takes place 11 days after the publication of the banns.

The wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are conducted at City Hall, by the mayor or deputy mayor, and in the presence of a minimum of 2 witnesses (maximum 4 witnesses).
During the wedding ceremony, each spouse gives his/her consent.
At the end of the ceremony, a livret de famille (family record book) is issued to the married couple along with an Aix-en-Provence City Council marriage certificate.