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Moving house

A reminder about responsible behaviour when moving house

Before moving house :

I should contact the Direction Gestion Voirie, Service Gestion Administrative & Réglementaire (Highways department) for a form which will enable me to move house safely. Without this authorisation, any offending vehicle may be reported and impounded.
-  by e-mail: I download the form which I then send to the following e-mail address :
-  telephone helpline on +33 (0), 8am-12 noon and 1.30pm-4pm: the service will send me the temporary occupation of public highway application form
-  personal enquiries - Monday to Friday, 8am-12 noon and 1.30pm-4pm at 8 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie: I can pick up a temporary occupation of public highway application form

When your application has been dealt with, the department (address below) will send you a parking and access permit which will elaborate the conditions for moving house safety. This temporary parking or stopping permit will designate a parking place which is exempt from normal regulations and is close to your home, allowing you to move house safety.
You must have this document with you during your move and a copy of it must be clearly displayed on your vehicle’s windscreen.
It must also be displayed on any signage (for which you are responsible) which you use to block off the road temporarily (for 15 minutes at a time), to indicate to other road users that the road will be temporarily closed.
To enable you to reach certain parts of the city centre, you may be given a pass to have the bollards retracted to allow access to the pedestrian area or a parking meter key to allow you to park your vehicle.

After your move :

These items must be returned to the department’s reception, during opening hours or in the letter box on the side of the railings at 8 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie.
If these items are not returned, you will be billed for them and the Trésor Public (Treasurer’s Department) will issue a recovery order for them.
If the badge is not returned, it will be deactivated.
Finally, don’t forget that the disposal of refuse on public roads is subject to regulation.