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Regulations and applications for authorisation

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Organiser une soirée:
- Responsabilités des organisateurs
- Actions de prévention pour une soirée en toute sécurité

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- Les documents à remplir et à adresser aux services compétents :

PDF - 11 kb
Demande d’autorisation des manifestations sous tente et sous chapiteau
Fichier PDF - 11 kb

PDF - 11.5 kb
Demande d’autorisation d’utilisation exceptionnelle de locaux
Fichier PDF - 11.5 kb

PDF - 11 kb
Demande d’autorisation de manifestation de plein air
Fichier PDF - 11 kb

PDF - 138.2 kb
Demande de manifestation dans un parc
Fichier PDF - 138.2 kb

PDF - 5.9 kb
Débits de boisson: attestation de non condammation
Fichier PDF - 5.9 kb

PDF - 198.2 kb
Débits de boissons - Règlementation détaillée
Fichier PDF - 198.2 kb

Excel - 22.5 kb
Liste des panneaux d’affiche libre

Pour vous aidez dans le montage de vos projets :
- article 63
- article 64

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When organising an event, it is vital that you respect the relevant regulations.

The successful organisation of an event depends on the participation of volunteers, associations and professionals, before, during and after it. To do this, contact your partners at least 3 months before the date of the event.

 I) Fire and panic safety regulations

 Indoor events: organisational instructions

  • If the event is to take place in a function room or venue not normally used for staging events (eg. a dance in a gymnasium):
    => Submit a safety dossier as required under article GN 6 of the safety regulations (the "Demande d’autorisation d’utilisation exceptionnelle de locaux”, application form can be downloaded in this article).
    If the event is to take place in a venue specially designed for hosting events, and provided that the capacity is not exceeded:
    => Where no changes are made to the interior design: no authorisation is required
    =>Where changes are made to the interior design: a safety dossier must be submitted.

 Outdoor events: organisational instructions

Any event or special activity in public spaces is subject to prior authorisation by the City Council.
For all events : obtain authorisation at least 2 months beforehand , from management services (the "Demande d’autorisation de manifestation de plein air” application form can be downloaded in this article):
_1- Apply to the Service des relations publiques et protocole (Public Relations office) for authorisation:
Halle au Grain Place Richelme
13616 Aix-en-Provence
Tel: +33 (0) – +33 (0)

A word of advice : Before submitting your dossier, contact the Direction Gestion Voirie(Highways department) to ensure that the dossier that you submit to the centralised service is complete.
In fact, some events or special activities, due to the nature of their venues and rights of way may require prior exemption.
_Some roads open to public traffic may be subject to permanent or temporary traffic and parking restrictions (limited tonnage, height, length, times, specific traffic direction, traffic and parking bans...).

2- Make applications relating to fire and panic safety, public address systems and drinks. This should be done in writing.
=> Download the documents available in this article and send them to:
Madame le Maire
Service de la Réglementation et de la Police Administrative
Hôtel de Ville
13616 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1.
This does not exempt you from carrying out the administrative procedures
required by the relevant municipal services (full details below).

3- Pay the "occupation temporaire de l’espace public” (temporary occupation of public space) fee before the event (art.L2125-1 du C.G.P.P.P)
If the request is approved by the relevant official, a temporary occupation permit will be sent to the applicant.

La régie de la Gestion de l’Espace Public
17 Rue Venel
13616 Aix en Provence

For information about the fee payable which depends on the nature of the event, the venue and the surface area occupied, call:
+33 (0)4 42 91 96 98
or by e-mail to

=> Apply to the Direction des Espaces Verts (Parks and Gardens Department) for authorisation a minimum of two months before the event
Download the "demande de manifestation dans un parc” (application to hold an event in a park) file attached to this article, fill it in and send it:
By post to the local government official :
Adjoint Spécial aux espace vert
Mairie d’Aix-en-Provence
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
13616 Aix-en-Provence Cedex
_Or by e-mail to :

_=> Apply to the service de la Gestion Espace Public (Management of Public Areas Department) for authorisation for temporary use of a public area a month before the event:
By post to the Service de la Gestion de l’Espace Public
_Hôtel de Ville
_13100 Aix en Provence.
_Or by e-mail to :

 IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE + A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE (for example: the Parc Jourdan)
=> Submit an open-air event dossier

 USE OF TEMPORARY STUCTURES (gazebos, marquees) :
=> Submit a safety dossier covering the marquee in question (the document can be downloaded in this article)

_=> Apply for authorisation from the prefect by post at least 2 months before the event, making particular mention of the safety arrangements for the event planned

_For larger events, the organiser should contact the regulation service on :
_+33 (0)4-42-91-93-44

Contact the regulation service on :

 The authorisation application dossier

(Any dossier which is incomplete or submitted after the deadline will be immediately rejected)

What to include in all applications for authorisation :

  • The name of the association
  • the name of the responsible contact person
  • precise contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail)
  • the title of the event
  • the venue where it is to take place
  • the dates and times of the event
  • the technical specifications (furniture, public address system, refreshment facilities...)
  • the area required
  • the number of people expected to attend

This should be accompanied by the following documents :

  • an insurance certificate covering the requested event
  • the associations’ articles of association
  • the plan showing the precise location of the event

The application must be signed and dated and should be sent to the relevant services accompanied, where appropriate, by the specific documents requested by each of these services (these can be downloaded in this article).


 - For events for over 300 people: there must be a Protection Civile fire fighter or Order of Malta volunteer on hand.
- For events for over 1200 people: there must be an advanced medical facility

A word of advice : in the interest of safety and for all events, whatever their size, it is strongly recommended that event organisers inform the fire and police services who might be required.

Further information is available from :
 - +33 (0)4-42-91-95-71 (security commissions and public buildings and public address systems)
 - Cinthia BIENAIME on +33 (0)4-42-91-93-44 and by e-mail (all fields)

 II) Noise

The creation of noise and the use of sound-amplifying equipment on public roads or in a non-soundproofed area is strictly forbidden.
An exception to this rule : events in venues specially equipped for the purpose (a night club)
The general rule : the noise in question must not exceed 5 db of ambient noise during the daytime, whatever the time of day, and 3 db after 10 o’clock in the evening.

Authorisations can be issued by decreein the case of public events, local and traiditonal festivals or special events.
_As a general rule,the authorisation is only valid until midnight.

Please be aware: as organisers of events, you are responsible for protecting your audience’s hearing. (see the article Responsabilités des organisateurs)

Further information is available from :
_ +33 (0)4-42-91-95-71 (security commissions and public buildings and public address systems)
_+33 (0)4-42-91-93-44 (all enquiries)

 III) Temporary outlets for drinks to be consumed on the premises

Soft drinks
No authorisation is required for refreshment facilities selling or distributing soft drinks.

Alcoholic drinks
Organisers’ obligations and prohibitions :
 -Depending on the nature of the event, the mayor will or will not authorise the sale of category II alcoholic beverages ONLY (details of types of beverages can be found in the document “débits temporaires de boissons, Règlementation détaillée” which can be downloaded in this article). The mayor’s approval will depend on the regulations covering protected areas where the opening of premises selling alcoholic beverages is prohibited (close to a school, for example).
 - No association may obtain more than 5 temporary exemptions to open refreshment facilities per year.
- Soft drinks must also be made available
- An association may hire a bar. If it has the appropriate licence, a bar may sell category IV drinks, the responsibility for what it sells lying with the owner. However, the association is not exonerated from its responsibilities.
- In accordance with provisions for the protection of young people, offering alcoholic beverages to minors is strictly forbidden, as are open bars.
- Alcohol advertising is forbidden.
- Alcoholic beverages must not be sold a ridiculously low prices.

Applications should be submitted at least a month before the event :
Madame le Maire
Service de la Réglementation et de la Police Administrative
Hôtel de Ville
13616 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1.

Required information :

  • the type of event,
  • the location and duration as well as times at which the refreshment facilities are open to the public and the type of beverages concerned

Required documentation :

  • a copy of the licence applicant’s identity card or passport,
  • a copy of the acknowledgement of the association’s registration with the prefecture,
  • proof of having no criminal record or guardianship order (the document can be downloaded in this article).

Please be aware: This information is provided for illustrative purposes only and under no circumstances does it exempt organisers from the legal and regulatory provisions currently in force. In addition, as stated in the prefectural circular of 13 January 2000, the fact that the Mayor has issued authorisation “is not sufficient to entitle the activity in question to any kind of compliance with the applicable law”.

Further information is available from :
-  +33 (0)4-42-91-84-35 (drinks outlets)
- +33 (0)4-42-91-93-44 (all enquiries)


Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique(Society of Writers, Composers and Publishers of Music)

Organisers should inform SACEM of any musical event

Why : the SACEM administers the performing rights for each use of artists’ works.

When : 15 days before the event

How : by phone, fax, post or e-mail.

Before the event

The SACEM issues the authors’ permission to the organiser along with notice of the lump sum to be paid before the event.

After the event

Send the programme of all the musical works played throughout the event to your local SACEM.

Upon receipt of your payment, the SACEM will send you a paid in full invoice.

BDE (Students’ Bureau) or Students Association members: you are automatically entitled to a 30% discount!!! (this offer applies to function rooms measuring less than 300m2 and with an expenditure budget below €850)

If your event is on a larger scale, you will have to pay royalties on a pro rata basis based on the receipts generated by the event.

 V) Signage

In the case of publicity for events organised in public areas, you can put up posters or other resources which refer to it on the notice boards provided for this purpose(you can download a list of them in this article). Under no circumstances must you display publicity material in public areas.
Aix-en-Provence City Council, through its “Student Services” and “Higher Education” delegations", lends its support to student initiatives in the context of its award of grants policywhich, after applications have been examined, provides for the allocation of material or financial support or assistance with communications through the calendar on its website and the monthly “cultural calendar” which can also be downloaded from this site.